"We have been pleased with CRI's knowledge and service. They seem to have found exterior answers to problems that have been unique to Alcoa's buildings for many years. we would recommend CRI to others that have building exterior problems needing an independent expert to solve such matters. "

Merrick E. Murphy
Contract Manager
Aluminum Company of America

"The roof project and CRI's participation has inspired Antioch to aggressively pursue interior projects now because "the roof doesn't leak anymore." It has been more than a project of us; it has been the renaissance of care, maintenance, repair, and new physical projets within our church. We are very glad to have been associated with Construction Resources Incorporated. "

Deacon Kelvin Berry
Business Manager
Antioch Baptist Church

"We have come to rely on CRI for making sure projects are done economically, on time, and in the quality we insist from all our vendors and they have shown to be equal to these standards. "

Donald Langley
Osborn Manufacturing Company

"We have found your company to be very professional and attentive to our needs. Construction Resources has had great depth in their expertise and in enforcing specifications. "

John Higgins
City of Amherst

"I have been very pleased with the work from Construction Resources, and would recommend them to be strongly considered for consultation on any building exterior project. "

Tom Stupica
Assistant Superintendent
Solon City Schools